• WonkaVision

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  • WonkaVision


    Do you remember when girls wore slacks? – so hip!
    Traffic stops, men get heart attacks – so hip!
    Seems so strange Carl F Gauze took it like that…so hip it hurts!

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    zine, photocopy, punk, DIY,Stolen Sharpie Revolution,by Alex Wrekk,Microcosm Publishing,Jason Feifer

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    A great, valuable alternative to major media. But enough about Ink 19, let’s talk about the ‘zine community. Jason Feifer says it’s stronger when the ‘zines are better — and this DIY resource is the book to do that.

  • Things Are Meaningless

    Fire bad. Tree pretty. Carl F Gauze reads.

  • Al Hoff

    Phil Bailey talks thrifting and personal ads with Al Hoff, the author of Thrift Score and If You Like Pi–a Coladas: The Humor and Weirdness of Personal Ads

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