Nut Roast

Pork Records UK

Ah yes… on and on till’ duh’ break of dawn… and you don’t stop. From the laughter that resonates through the first track up until the final loping tune, “Tipple Tales,” your senses are inundated with impeccable production and ideas, resulting in yet another fascinating hybrid of UK electronics beyond compare. Quick shuffle snare drum, lazy bass, spacy synth washes… it goes fast, then it goes slow… then it just goes. The speed never kills and the melee never results in sleep. People may already be wondering what the next evolutionary phase of dance music will be… this is it.

Electro-jazzy-ambient dub. Not as dreamy as straight ambient and definitely not as obnoxious as drum-n-bass can be, this music can be listened to in the car, in the bed, or in the club with equally impressive and unique results.

Strains of the sound Portishead made famous can be heard, here but in no way does it simply imitate, it expounds upon. Standout tracks are “Between The Eyes,” the Sweetback-like “Twice As Much,” and “Hell For Leather.” Another tasty gem from Pork Records.

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