Ink 19 welcomes applications for new staff. We are and always have been an all-volunteer, online music and culture magazine. This means that we don’t pay for articles or other content, and cannot predict whether or when this will change. If you are looking to broaden your publication portfolio, engage with an established editorial team, begin your writing career, or simply share what you enjoy doing with a large audience, then by all means apply with us.

Staff Application Guidelines

We value visual content as much as we do the written word and accept writers, photographers, illustrators, and creatives from all over the planet. Contributors generally begin with music and media reviews before moving on to more involved content. Reliable, experienced Ink 19 staff may request guest-list access to concerts and events or credentials for in-person or remote interviews and feature pieces with bands and artists.

Staff Must Haves

  1. Reliable internet and email access.
  2. Talent at whatever it is you do.
  3. Reliability in communication, execution, meeting deadlines, and follow-through.
  4. Familiarity with software, file formats, and digital requirements.
  5. Attention to the Ink 19 style guide and other conventions.

Staff Application Form

Tell us about yourself and why you want to contribute to Ink 19 in your cover letter. Samples of your work are required, either as text or URLs. Please note that your information is confidential and for sole use of Ink 19 editorial staff. We’ll get back to you, no matter what.

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