Now taking applications for writers, photographers, copy editors, and other creative types. Read below for some basic information, then fill out the staff application.

About the Ink 19 Corps

Ink 19 is an all-volunteer, online music and culture magazine. This means that we don’t pay for articles or other content, and cannot predict when or if this will happen.

If you are looking to broaden the list of publications you work for, just beginning your writing career, looking to engage with an editorial team rather than publishing yourself, or simply enjoy doing whatever it is you do and sharing it with a large audience, then by all means contact us. Following are some notes and guidelines for aspiring staffers.


1. Talent at whatever it is you’re trying to do.

2. Reliability in execution and meeting deadlines.

3. Familiarity with email, web applications, and electronic file conventions (where applicable).


We’ll take writers from all over the planet, as long as they have internet access. Contributors generally start with music and media reviews before moving on to more involved features. Reliable, experienced Ink 19 staff may request guest-list access to concert or event reviews, or access to in-person or phone interviews for feature pieces on bands or artists.


We value visual content as much as we do our written words. If your talent is in design, photography or illustration, please let us know your interests.

Getting In

Start by filling out and submitting the application below. Tell us about yourself and why you want to contribute to Ink 19 in your cover letter. You should also include samples (text or links) of your work. Please note that all information is kept confidential, and is for the sole use of Ink 19 editorial staff.

Staff Application

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