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    The Talbott Brothers

    The Talbott Brothers are well worth seeking out, according to Jeremy Glazier.

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    Eli "Paperboy" Reed

    With the upcoming release of his eagerly awaited new album, 99 Cent Dreams, soul singer Eli "Paperboy" Reed speaks in depth about his songwriting process and working with the legendary vocal group, The Masqueraders, and Grammy winning producer, Matt Ross-Spang, with Generoso Fierro.

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    Boo Ray

    Boo Ray gets intimate with a small Iowa crowd. Jeremy Glazier is amongst the precious chosen few.


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  • The Magpie Salute
    The Magpie Salute

    Jam-band blues-rockers The Magpie Salute brought their unique sound to Central Florida, and Michelle Wilson got a healthy double-dose of one of her favorite bands.

  • Producer Michael Beinhorn and the art of production
    Producer Michael Beinhorn and the art of production

    He’s produced everyone from Herbie Hancock to Soundgarden. Michael Beinhorn tells about the art of music production.

  • Talal Derki
    Talal Derki

    Generoso speaks with director, Talal Derki, about his Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature nominated film, Of Fathers and Sons.

  • David Crosby & Friends
    David Crosby & Friends

    It was a night of songs and stories with Croz and friends.

  • Generation Axe
    Generation Axe

    Generation Axe brought their spectacular shredder show to Orlando in December, and Michelle Wilson was right there among the fans to get her face melted off.

  • Quick Takes on Worthy Records
    Quick Takes on Worthy Records

    Couldn’t let 2018 get past us without a few quick takes!

  • Tarik Aktaş
    Tarik Aktaş

    Dead Horse Nebula director, Tarik Aktaş, speaks with Generoso Fierro about his AFI Fest 2018-selected debut feature.

  • Florida Man Music Festival
    Florida Man Music Festival

    The Florida Man Music Festival lit up the Orlando Amphitheater with a bunch of acts chosen by FM 101.9 (Orlando’s New Alternative radio station). Jen Cray approved.

  • Seaway

    Seaway rocked the Soundbar with Trophy Eyes, Microwave and more!

  • Alice Rohrwacher
    Alice Rohrwacher

    Generoso spoke with director Alice Rohrwacher at AFI Fest 2018 about her award-winning third feature, Happy as Lazzaro.

More Reviews

  • Horror Express
    Horror Express

    This horror classic shines in it’s new Blu-ray reissue.

  • Babylon

    Generoso Fierro reviews Italian-English director Franco Rosso’s uncompromised masterpiece about racial tensions in late 70s London, Babylon, which arrives to US theaters for the first time on March 8th.

  • The Fifth Cord
    The Fifth Cord

    The Fifth Cord seems more art house then grindhouse.

  • Touch Me Not
    Touch Me Not

    The winner of the Golden Bear at the 2018 Berlinale, Touch Me Not, Adina Pintilie’s experimental feature, challenges conventions while examining the fear of intimacy.

  • The Dick Cavett Show
    The Dick Cavett Show

    Dick Cavett gets inside the comic mind of Robin Williams, Richard Lewis, Bobcat Goldwait, Gilbert Gottfried and more.

  • Crimson Peak
    Crimson Peak

    Guillermo del Toro gives a new look at gothic horror in Crimson Peak.

  • Band Vs. Brand
    Band Vs. Brand

    When does a band become a brand? This new documentary examines the current state of the music business and reveals how the “brand” of a rock group now has more power than the members themselves.

  • The Image Book
    The Image Book

    For his 47th feature, The Image Book, which won the first Special Palme d’Or at Cannes, Jean-Luc Godard continues to evolve cinematic language as he searches for the meaning and truth of image and sound.

  • Orgies of Edo
    Orgies of Edo

    The King of Cult Movies gives us pinky violence with this Japanese classic.

  • Wizard of Gore
    Wizard of Gore

    More gore from the wizard of shock, Herschell Gordon Lewis.



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