• Addis Ababa Noir

    Addis Ababa Noir

    Akashic Books Noir series stops in Addis Ababa for some stories about the dark side of Ethiopia. The stories blend myth, history, memory and regret related to dealing with the county’s traumatic recent past.

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  • The 29th Florida Film Festival
    The 29th Florida Film Festival

    A stripped-down film festival dips a toe into the Brave New World of masks, distancing and cinema.

  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva

    Drummer Daniel Silva talks influences and more with Stacey Zering.

  • A World Without Stages
    A World Without Stages

    How are musicians coping with a world without stages. Bob Pomeroy talked to a few of his favorites who have turned to streaming shows to get some answers.

  • Violinist Gregory Harrington
    Violinist Gregory Harrington

    Renowned violinist Gregory Harrington unveils how he chose elegant covers on his new album Without You.

  • COVID Diary #3
    COVID Diary #3

    Forced isolation, too much coffee and a stack of records result in a batch of attention deficit record reviews.

  • Covid Diary #2
    Covid Diary #2

    While in self isolation, I finally got around to reading Florida Soul: From Ray Charles to KC and the Sunshine Band.

  • George Mitchell
    George Mitchell

    George Mitchell of Fishbelly Black on weaving funk, jazz, and hip-hop.

  • Covid Diary #1
    Covid Diary #1

    Sweet Crude’s tour ended abruptly at the Crowbar in Ybor City, Florida. The tour to drum up interest in their upcoming major label debut was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bob Pomeroy was at that show.

  • Collective Soul
    Collective Soul

    Georgia alt rockers Collective Soul wowed the crowd including Michelle Wilson at the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival Series 2020 opener.

  • Devyn Rush
    Devyn Rush

    Devyn Rush talks her influences and style and her new EP with Stacey Zering.

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