• The Toolbox Murders

    The Toolbox Murders

    Spade bit to the head of nude woman, in the bathtub. That’s all you really need to know on this creepy variant of “Clue.”

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  • Shawscope Volume One Blu-ray
    Shawscope Volume One Blu-ray

    12 film box set of films from the legendary Hong Kong film studio, Shaw Brothers .


    A look back at the early days of Los Angeles punk through the lens of photographer Melanie Nissen and her new book HARD + FAST.

  • Gun Shot Wound: the Film
    Gun Shot Wound: the Film

    A documentary on gun violence in urban America

  • Dune

    With a new edition of “Dune” out in the galaxy, let’s check out this snazzy reissue from Arrow MVD.

  • Yokai Monsters Collection
    Yokai Monsters Collection

    Yokai, Japan’s friendly monsters get the love in Arrow’s new Blu-ray box set and Phil Bailey isn’t spooked.

  • Best of Film 2021
    Best of Film 2021

    Lily and Generoso select and review their ten favorite features, seven supplemental films, and two prized repertory releases of 2021.

  • I Saw A Dozen Faces…
    I Saw A Dozen Faces…

    From The Windbreakers to Bark, Tim Lee is a trooper in the rock and roll trenches…and he’s lived to tell it all in his new memoir.

  • Metallica: The $24.95 Book
    Metallica: The $24.95 Book

    From an underground band that pioneered the thrash metal sound, to arguably the biggest rock act in the new millennium, Metallica has had a long and tumultuous history. Ben Apatoff scours a myriad of sources to catalog this history in his new book.

  • Demons/Demons 2
    Demons/Demons 2

    Synapse Films reissues Lamberto Bava’s epic ’80s gore-filled movies Demons and Demons 2 in beautiful new editions.

  • Poetic Song Verse
    Poetic Song Verse

    A study of how poetry crept into rock and roll.

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