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    Sad Summer Festival

    The Warped Tour may be over, but a new festival is already vying to be its replacement. The inaugural Sad Summer Festival hit Orlando on a hot summer day and Vanna Porter was there to see how it stacks up.

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    The Record Company

    The Record Company rolled into Athens, Georgia on a peachy Monday evening and took the Georgia Theatre on a blues roller coaster. Michelle Wilson went along for the rollicking ride and loved every minute.

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    The Allman Betts Band

    The legacy of Southern Rock lives on through The Allman Betts Band. Jeremy Glazier catches a show in Iowa.


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  • Eddie Izzard
    Eddie Izzard

    The cross-dressing comic returned to Memphis with history, philosophy, and plenty of laughs.

  • Moloko Plus
    Moloko Plus

    Moloko Plus is a monthly experimental music event in Orlando, Florida.

  • Blue October
    Blue October

    Alternative 90s rockers Blue October rolled into Central Florida for a two-night run at House of Blues, and Michelle Wilson was blown away.

  • Don Felder
    Don Felder

    Don Felder took music fans down Eagles’ memory lane at Disney Epcot’s® Garden Rocks Concert Series, and Michelle Wilson loved every nostalgic moment of it.

  • The Church
    The Church

    Australia’s Paisley Underground pioneers The Church brought their Starfish 30th Anniversary Tour to Orlando. Michelle Wilson was there and loved every minute of it.

  • Dance Gavin Dance
    Dance Gavin Dance

    Dance Gavin Dance, Don Broco, Covet and Hail The Sun rocked the House of Blues in Orlando!

  • Collective Soul
    Collective Soul

    Collective Soul blew the roof off the sold-out Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida. Michelle Wilson was there to capture it all.

  • An Evening with Lou Barlow
    An Evening with Lou Barlow

    In a small town in the middle of the American West, an indie icon makes an intimate appearance, and Julius C. Lacking was there.

  • Peter Murphy: 40 Years of Bauhaus
    Peter Murphy: 40 Years of Bauhaus

    Goth’s trajectory is dark and long. We send intrepid reporter Will Whalen to investigate.

  • A Bowie Celebration – The David Bowie Alumni Tour
    A Bowie Celebration – The David Bowie Alumni Tour

    A Bowie Celebration – The David Bowie Alumni Tour hit the West Coast of Florida to perform the music of the legendary musician. Michelle Wilson was there and has the full recap of this stellar event.

More Reviews

  • Woody Guthrie All Star Tribute Concert 1970
    Woody Guthrie All Star Tribute Concert 1970

    In 1970 Woody Guthrie passed on, and all his friends and fellow musicians joined up to form this memorial concert full of his music and stories.

  • Waterworld

    Kevin Costner grows a pair (of gills) after global warming wipes out dry land.

  • The Big Clock
    The Big Clock

    Film noir and slapstick comedy work brilliantly together in this John Farrow classic.

  • Room 37
    Room 37

    Johnny Thunders retreats to New Orleans to break his heroin addiction, but ends up dead in a cheap hotel.

  • At the Drive-In
    At the Drive-In

    In a small rural Pennsylvania town, a dedicated crew of film lovers struggle to keep their local drive-in operating.

  • Yakuza Law
    Yakuza Law

    The great Teruo Ishii directed this hyper splatter masterpiece.

  • Bachman

    He was the creative driver of the original incarnation of The Guess Who, and the originator of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. For Canadian rock fans, he is an icon, but for American fans, he’s just “oh yeah, that guy.”

  • Desolation Center
    Desolation Center

    If the LAPD is hassling your punk rock show, move it out into the desert and bus the punks out to party in peace.

  • Radium Girls
    Radium Girls

    Turn of the century watch dial painters intentionally consume radium, leading to death and profits for the American Radium Company.

  • Keoma

    Keoma is a stellar take on the Spaghetti western.



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