• Kinky Conventions

    Kinky Conventions

    Neon dinosaurs and latex ladies are nothing unusual at kinky conventions like Tampa’s Fetishcon or Exotica Detroit. Bob Pomeroy takes a walk or two on the wild side and reports back on the events. He admits that walking through Home Depot will never be the same.

  • Jazz and Traditions

    Jazz and Traditions

    Watching too much Fox News can make a person jaded. Why can’t people get along? When Bob Pomeroy hears genre-blending sounds like those made by Lenke Lichtenberg and the Sunny Jain Collective , he realizes we’ve been listening to the wrong people.

  • When Circuits Learned to Sing

    Ever wonder where those electronic squiggles in old Science Fiction films came from? Ever wonder about the first bands to abandon guitars for electronic instruments? Two new films from Plexfilm show you how Robert Moog taught circuits to sing and how British pop bands put those sounds on the pop charts. Bob Pomeroy sings the body electric.

  • Independent Women

    Independent Women

    The women are doing it for themselves! This issue of Target or Flag gives you the low down on four women making music in very different styles but displaying the same independent spirit.

  • Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?

    It takes Ted Leo and the Pharmacists performance at the Sarasota Film Festival to get Bob Pomeroy thinking about ska again. Trust us, it makes sense. A few days later he finds the rude boys skanking with the Toasters in St. Petersburg.

  • Speechless

    Columnist Bob Pomeroy’s belated reaction to the 2004 election takes us through his own personal grieving process. The common link between these discs is, they all lack vocals.

  • Can Rock and Roll Save America?

    Bob Pomeroy surveys the vast array of anti-Bush events and concert tours that are taking place all over the country and can’t help but be more than a little excited. Catch the fever at Target Or Flag!

  • Give it up for the old guys

    Bob Pomeroy pokes holes in the old maxim about rock n’ roll being a young man’s game with profiles of the Ex, Mekons, and Sonic Youth.

  • Remembering Oh OK

    Bob Pomeroy waxes lyrical about the resurgence of long-lost faves Oh OK and reminisces about celebrity stalking. Just a little.

  • EMIT: Tampa’s Outpost of Creative Music

    Bob Pomeroy swings from Sweden back to Tampa, Florida, with a good, hard look at the EMIT Series and the state of experimental music in Florida.

  • Swedes in the Garage (Time to Rock)

    Bob Pomeroy has stayed mum on the Great Garage Rock Debate long enough! He weighs in with enthusiastic appraisals of Sahara Hotnights, Flaming Sideburns, and Devil Doll Records.

  • Native Voices

    Bob Pomeroy wanders away from jazz again with a look at Native American creative expression in the areas of film, music and even television programming. Roam if you want to…

  • Let’s Talk About Girls

    Bob Pomeroy rounds up an eclectic sampling of albums by gals who rock, and gives us the skinny. Hey man, as long as Shannon Wright is in there…

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