• THR10


    When it comes to amplifiers, Yamaha’s THR10 is an odd beast. Kurt Channing attempts to find its taxonomy.

  • Intermediate Guitar Method

    CD-ROM (eMedia). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

    Carl F. Gauze will give you Pac-Man Fever all over again, as he takes you back to the arcade games of your youth with a look at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

  • Black Adam

    Matthew Damascus likes to play with dolls — er, we mean action figures. And he’s all geeked up because Captain Marvel’s ancient enemy has made the jump to three dimensions of molded plastic. Shazam!

  • eMedia Guitar Method 1

    Learning guitar, and tired of "Tom Dooley"? James Mann suggests taking a gander at eMedia Guitar Method 1, an interactive CD-ROM guitar instructor.

  • Cool Toys

    Phil Bailey takes a look at some of the finest pieces of molded plastic available, including the Ghost World Enid Coleslaw action doll, The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy playset, and the strange new Japanese fad of Kubricks.

  • Swiffer

    Gear Review by Phil Bailey

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