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Waves, the leading supplier of DSP software for the professional audio and multimedia markets, has announced the Gold Native Bundle ($1,200), a complete collection of powerful PlugIns for native processing on both Windows and Mac platforms. This is a group of pro audio PlugIns that provide a total solution for all audio professionals with no additional audio hardware. Gold Bundle owners are automatically updated with any new PlugIns that Waves releases in 1999. The Native Gold Bundle contains the new Pro FX PlugIns plus the Equalizer and Compressor from the famous Renaissance series of audiophile PlugIns. The bundle also includes the acclaimed L1 Ultramaximizer, Full C1 (which includes a compressor, gate, Paragraphic EQ, stereo imager, reverb, de-esser, and psychoacoustic analyzer. All Wave algorithms are calculated with 32-bit floating point precision. A Pro-FX series specifically for the Digidesign TDM format ($700) is also available from Waves that includes the UltraPitch 6-voice format-corrected pitch shifter and a 6-voice multi-tap delay module.

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