• It Was a Very Good Yule: 1940s Edition

    It Was a Very Good Yule: 1940s Edition

    It’s time for songs and eggnog in Orlando’s Club Moo.

  • A-Lone

    A-Lone Dangerous Theater, Sanford FL A-Lone Conceived and performed by Winnie Wenglewick Dangerous Theater Sanford FL We all have stories, our friends and relatives have stories, and while they intertwine to make us a society sometimes these stories get lost. Tonight’s it’s Ms. Wenglewick’s turn to tell us her stories, and we each chose a

  • Th-th-th-that’s All, Folks!

    This is the last post for Archikulture Digest as a blog. I will continue to cover theater and the arts in Central Florida, but that material will post on www.Ink19.com along with Ink19’s regular coverage of Music, Movies, and Concerts. All of the existing Archikulture Digest links will re-direct to the new location. It’s been

  • Christmas Bells

    Christmas Bells By Jones Hope Wooten Directed by Vicky Wicks Breakthrough Theater Winter Park, FL What is it about the south that demands everyone have three first names? Down in little Fayro, Texas, holiday traditions hang by the balance. Hot flashing Honey Raye Futrelle (Michelle Burkett) takes on the Christmas pageant at the “Tabernacle of

  • Sondheim on Sondheim

    Sondheim on Sondheim Music by Steven Sondheim Show Conceived by James Lapine Directed by Dr. Michael Foster Seminole State College Lake Mary, FL If George Gershwin is basic arithmetic, then Steven Sondheim is third year calculus. This retrospective on Sondheim’s career is a specialist’s delight; the tracks and stories spend more time with his misses

  • Annie

    Annie Book by Thomas Meehan Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Charnin Directed by Steve MacKinnon Starring Lyla Tsiokos, Cami Miller, Schon McCloud Garden Theater Winter Garden, FL The only real difference between this production and one in New York is these tickets cost less, and there’s plenty of free parking. You’ve read the

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