Editorial Vision

We strive to be The Glass Bottom Boat of the Cultural Press, which is to say Ink 19’s collective of passionate staff share critical analysis of today’s media and culture in an environment free from editorial gatekeeping.

Submitting Media for Review

To submit media or event information for review, please complete the Editorial Opportunity Form below or find our mailing address for sending physical material. While we make no guarantees, including a full description, relevant influences, similar artists, and any details that might pique a writer’s interest could improve your chances of seeing a review. We provide a large “Description” area for you to tell us what we need to know.

Our writers review media that is available to the public in some format, whether free or for purchase. We have working relationships with publicists, artists’ representatives, publishers, and other spokespeople, and we welcome media from emerging artists.

We accept digital and physical material. If we don’t already have it, we will be in contact to secure a copy should one of our writers choose to review your release.

Our volunteers write in their spare time because they enjoy it. We do as much as we can, but just aren’t able to review everything. If we don’t review your material, please understand it’s not because we don’t like you or your record. We understand you’ve invested a lot of time, heart, and money into your project, and we appreciate it. Try us again.

Be sure to give us plenty of lead time if you’re targeting a specific tour date or record release.

Music: album, digital download, streaming audio
Event: concert, theater, stand-up
Interview: especially relevant if promoting a new release
Feature: podcast, collection, tribute, band profile
Print: book, zine, graphic novel
Screen: film, DVD, streaming video, music video
Gear: instrument, equipment
Multiple / Other: we’re all ears

Editorial Opportunity Form

We share this information with our staff writers—if a writer picks up your opportunity, you’ll receive a confirmation message at the email address you provide. Please add rexy@ink19.com to your contacts, and be prepared to respond to any questions the writer may have for you.

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