• Lost and Found:

    Lost and Found:

    I have to tell you about some pretty swell records that have been kicking around, getting lost in the car, buried in random stacks and falling behind dressers. I found them again so I want to share them with you. Better late than never.



    Converging on the Tampa Convention Center, thousands of college students traveled far and wide, from coast to coast to attend the recent Turning Point USA conservative Student Action Summit (SAS). Ink 19 “senior” staff writer Christopher Long crashed the bash and got the REAL story.

  • Skinny Dipping (Official Music Video) by L.A. Exes

    Skinny Dipping (Official Music Video) by L.A. Exes

    L.A. Exes go Skinny Dipping in Kate Micucci’s swimming pool (Literally)

  • Odd Man Out

    Odd Man Out

    In this unusual package, you not only experience a physical journey to South America, but you begin to imagine the process of living as a blind person.

  • Florida Film Festival: Documentaries Part 2

    Florida Film Festival: Documentaries Part 2

    Presented at the 30th Florida Film Festival, Maitland FL

  • March Song of the Day Playlist

    March Song of the Day Playlist

    A mix 31 new and classic songs compiled one day at at time throughout the month of March. Follow us on Twitter @ink19mag to follow ink 19’s Song of the Day for April.

  • Doug Hoekstra: Unseen Undetected

    Doug Hoekstra: Unseen Undetected

    Doug Hoekstra’s first record in a decade, The Day Deserved is out April 30th.

  • Visions of 2020

    Visions of 2020

    A not at all definitive list of music videos that helped get me through 2020.

  • The Expansive Sonic Universe of Satoko Fujii

    The Expansive Sonic Universe of Satoko Fujii

    As the weirdest year in memory draws to a close, Sokoto Fujii releases three adventurous albums of out there jazz.

  • Begone, foul year

    Begone, foul year

    Let’s leave 2020 in our rearview, shall we?

  • Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen was a gifted golden guitar god. His talent – immeasurable. His catalog of music – impeccable. And his legacy will live forever.

  • Covid Diary #4

    Covid Diary #4

    I spent my pandemic “vacation” taking online courses and playing with TicTok. Veteran musicians the Mekons and Yo La Tengo spent their time making music.

  • A World Without Stages

    A World Without Stages

    How are musicians coping with a world without stages. Bob Pomeroy talked to a few of his favorites who have turned to streaming shows to get some answers.

  • COVID Diary #3

    COVID Diary #3

    Forced isolation, too much coffee and a stack of records result in a batch of attention deficit record reviews.

  • Covid Diary #2

    Covid Diary #2

    While in self isolation, I finally got around to reading Florida Soul: From Ray Charles to KC and the Sunshine Band.

  • Covid Diary #1

    Covid Diary #1

    Sweet Crude’s tour ended abruptly at the Crowbar in Ybor City, Florida. The tour to drum up interest in their upcoming major label debut was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bob Pomeroy was at that show.

  • Short Stack!

    Short Stack!

    A brief run-through of some finds of 2019.

  • Kim Shattuck, RIP

    Kim Shattuck, RIP

    ALS has claimed the life of The Muff’s co-founder. Laura Potillo recalls the influential rocker.

  • Goodbye Summertime Blues

    Goodbye Summertime Blues

    A quick round up of records that almost got away.

  • The RockNRoll Chorus (Summer Tour 2019)

    The RockNRoll Chorus (Summer Tour 2019)

    600 miles. 18 hours. 10 cans of Monster. 3 tanks of gas. 2 Anthrax CDs. For Christopher Long there was 1 mission – to see the RockNRoll Chorus live in concert. Hard core. It’s how we roll.

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