• Visions of 2020

    Visions of 2020

    A not at all definitive list of music videos that helped get me through 2020.

  • The Expansive Sonic Universe of Satoko Fujii

    The Expansive Sonic Universe of Satoko Fujii

    As the weirdest year in memory draws to a close, Sokoto Fujii releases three adventurous albums of out there jazz.

  • Begone, foul year

    Begone, foul year

    Let’s leave 2020 in our rearview, shall we?

  • Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen was a gifted golden guitar god. His talent – immeasurable. His catalog of music – impeccable. And his legacy will live forever.

  • Covid Diary #4

    Covid Diary #4

    I spent my pandemic “vacation” taking online courses and playing with TicTok. Veteran musicians the Mekons and Yo La Tengo spent their time making music.

  • A World Without Stages

    A World Without Stages

    How are musicians coping with a world without stages. Bob Pomeroy talked to a few of his favorites who have turned to streaming shows to get some answers.

  • COVID Diary #3

    COVID Diary #3

    Forced isolation, too much coffee and a stack of records result in a batch of attention deficit record reviews.

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