• YEAR-END ALBUM REVIEW: My Top Five Faves of 2021

    YEAR-END ALBUM REVIEW: My Top Five Faves of 2021

    Staff writer Christopher Long shares the five albums that thwacked him hardest in 2021. SPOILER: He’s an “erratic driver.”

  • Things I Discovered in 2021

    Things I Discovered in 2021

    Our editor shares a few items of interest from a very busy year…



    Despite her extensive “rap sheet,” it’s a question that was on the minds of many throughout 2021. And recently, Ink 19 investigative reporter, Christopher Long set out to solve the mystery — “WHO THE ‘F’ IS JENNY LEWIS?”

  • Robbie Shakespeare, RIP

    Robbie Shakespeare, RIP

    On December 8th, we lost the great Robbie Shakespeare, who along with Sly Dunbar, formed one of the most coveted rhythm sections and production teams in music history.

  • The Reading Room

    The Reading Room

    Today’s episode features author Anna-Marie O’Brien talking about her book Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian: A Rock N’ Roll Memoir with Ink 19’s Rose Petralia.

  • The Dining Room

    The Dining Room

    Meet The Real Gregory Schaefer, food god and proprietor of Basque Bites walking food and wine tours, and wine professional Ann Miller, who are talking about delicious wines from Boz and Dominique Scaggs and Newfound wines.

  • Space Coast Music Festival

    Space Coast Music Festival

    A massive mission, the annual Space Coast Music Festival is set to launch from the Eau Gallie Arts District in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday, November 6th. Delivering an eclectic array of 80 bands on 6.5 stages, the FREE 12-hour event raises money to put musical instruments into the hands of area young people.

  • Screaming Room 001 :: St. Maud

    Screaming Room 001 :: St. Maud

    Our latest episode is a candid conversation about Saint Maud, a new A24 film from writer/director Rose Glass, with Ink 19’s Phil Bailey and Josh Martin.

  • New Music Now 003

    New Music Now 003

    Today’s episode features Iowa City musician Brian Johannesen, Rachel Waters of Hawkeye Wrestling Club RTC, and Ink 19’s own Jeremy Glazier having the most positive music conversation on the internet right now—never mind that half of their favorite songs involve misery.

  • New Music Now 002

    New Music Now 002

    In NMN Episode Two, Ink 19’s Pat Greene picks the soothing, balm-like brain of old friend Matt Gorney (The Civic Minded Five, Jazz in the Bible Belt on WPRK, 91.5 FM, Winter Park, Florida) as the two discuss the album Promises, from Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, and the London Symphony Orchestra.

  • New Music Now 001

    New Music Now 001

    NMN Episode One features Adam Elk, talking about his band the Mommyheads with KAFM Radio’s Judy C. and Julius C. Lacking. No relation, everyone! They’re just good friends.

  • Lost and Found:

    Lost and Found:

    I have to tell you about some pretty swell records that have been kicking around, getting lost in the car, buried in random stacks and falling behind dressers. I found them again so I want to share them with you. Better late than never.



    Converging on the Tampa Convention Center, thousands of college students traveled far and wide, from coast to coast to attend the recent Turning Point USA conservative Student Action Summit (SAS). Ink 19 “senior” staff writer Christopher Long crashed the bash and got the REAL story.

  • Skinny Dipping (Official Music Video) by L.A. Exes

    Skinny Dipping (Official Music Video) by L.A. Exes

    L.A. Exes go Skinny Dipping in Kate Micucci’s swimming pool (Literally)

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