• The Ragin’ Cajun

    The Ragin’ Cajun

    Doug Kershaw took his Cajun music from the bayou to stardom, but it wasn’t an easy trip.

  • The Book of the Year 2019

    The Book of the Year 2019

    Sure, a ton of weird stuff took place this year in the good old U.S. of A., but have you taken a peak at Europe recently? Its full on wacko bangers and mash!

  • The Miracle of Saint Lazarus

    The Miracle of Saint Lazarus

    A cold case leads Detective Maria Duquesne on an investigation that dives deeply into the Cuban-American experience.

  • Rip It Up: The Specialty Records Story

    Rip It Up: The Specialty Records Story

    A love of gospel music gave Art Rupe his start in the music business. It lead to Specialty Records and his cast of Hall of Famers.

  • Timeless Concert Images

    Timeless Concert Images

    Legendary Rock Photographer Bill O’Leary snapped darn near every band of note in the past forty years. Float down memory lane from Zappa to Alice Cooper.

  • They Called Us Enemy

    They Called Us Enemy

    George Takei recalls his childhood in Japanese internment camps, and his rise to film stardom in an easy to read Manga-style graphic novel.

  • Signs of Life

    Signs of Life

    Popping off rapid-fire “gotchas” from start to finish, Creston Mapes possesses precision marksmanship — paralyzing readers with each page of his latest thriller, “Signs of Life.”

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