Ink 19 is the Southeast’s new music source. Since 1991, we’ve been bringing the most exciting music from around the globe to the attention of more than 150,000 readers. Starting as a regional print publication in the Southeast US, Ink 19 is now a website with a global reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with that name?

The original idea was a TV show called Room 19, where strange music would happen. Ink 19 was originally conceived as a program guide. While the TV show never came about, Ink 19 blossomed into a life of its own. (See History)

What is your purpose in life?

Ink 19 exists to promote awareness of the best new music, media and thought available today. We do this by publishing intelligent critical analysis of a wide variety of artists’ work, both as fixed media and in the live arena. Additionally, each month we feature thought-provoking essays based around a monthly theme.

How can I advertise?

We are currently working on developing advertising programs to allow labels, artists, and others to directly sponsor Ink 19‘s efforts. For further information, see our Advertising page.

How can I contribute?

Check out the Join Us page for more information, then fill out the staff application on there.

How can I get my project featured in Ink 19?

See our Editorial page for complete details.

How do I contact Ink 19?

Visit our Contact page and submit a contact form.

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