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Beta 91 and Beta 98D/S

Drum Microphones


Ideally suited for live performance and recording applications, the new low-profile Beta 91 ($341) and the miniature Beta 98D/S ($395) represent the latest additions to Shure’s Beta family of professional sound reinforcement microphones. Both feature all-new redesigns from the ground up. The Beta 98D/S is a miniature condenser unit with a frequency response designed expressly for toms, featuring a maximum SPL rating of 160 dB. Its consistent supercardioid pattern insures excellent isolation and maximum gain before feedback, while the mic’s small size reduces stage clutter. Each Beta 98D/S microphone comes with Shure’s new A98D drum mount. Equipped with a flexible gooseneck, the A98D can be employed in either horizontal or vertical configurations on drum rims, cymbal stands or virtually any typical stage hardware. The Beta D/S comes with a detachable preamplifier to facilitate rapid cable/preamp replacement or repair. A positive-locking windscreen is provided for outdoor use and added cartridge protection. The supercardioid cartridge can also be interchanged with an optional cardioid capsule.

The Beta 91 is Shure’s successor to the SM91, the mic that popularized the use of condenser boundary microphones in kick drums. Outfitted with a cardioid capsule which supplies formidable amounts of attack and low-end punch, the Beta 91 provides excellent gain before feedback and rejection of unwanted noise. The mic’s minimalist design and extra-slim profile is best utilized without hardware, simply resting on a pillow or blanket within the kick drum. Like the Beta 98D/S, it comes standard with a detachable preamp section and durable connecting cable.

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