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There has generally been two ways to learn guitar: Take expensive lessons from somebody who wants you to learn major and minor scales, and strum “Tom Dooley,” or do it yourself, replaying that Grateful Dead song over and over until you’re jamming, which is all you really wanted to do in the first place. Now there have been books, tapes, videos, etc. to help the learn at home Van Halen all along, but since they are basically all talk and no answer, if you got stuck, you really got stuck.

Enter the computer age, and CD-ROM. This entry-level guitar learning system should be a required purchase when a parent buys a kid a guitar for Christmas. Starting off with the basics of how a guitar works, tuning, and beginning chords, this CD explains things in an easy to understand manner. Short videos, sound clips, text, and MIDI sound bites all focus on getting the beginning player actually playing songs. And not “Tom Dooley,” either. By the end of this CD, you can play along with Dylan, The Stones, and numerous blues and pop favorites. Whenever a song plays, a guitar fretboard appears at the top of the screen, showing the chords as the song moves along. Included in the set is a tuning application as well as a digital metronome that appear on your screen. A simple recorder that allows the student to record their progress or play along with the music is added as well.

This is a well designed set, endlessly repeatable for the price of a few lessons with a guitar pro. It starts the beginner off playing songs, which is generally the best way to keep the spark of learning growing. You certainly have time later to learn your scales – and “Tom Dooley,” should you so desire. For Mac or PC.


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