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Dual Drive 100 Disc CD Changer



The Denon DCM-5000/5001 Dual Drive 100 Disc CD Changer is specially designed for radio stations and recording studios and features two independent CD drives. The DCM 5000 ($1,800) is a stand-alone unit that can also be used as a master controller for a CD changing system of up to 600 discs when up to another five DCM-5001 ($1,300) slave units are daisy-chained to it. The DVM-5000’s dual drive architecture allows for seamless transition from one musical selection to the next with no “dead air” between songs. Two sets of RCA analog audio outputs allow independent volume control for the two players. The unit also features two coaxial digital outputs for maximum compatibility with other equipment. An infrared remote control is supplied, and the DCM-5000 also comes with a RS-232C/RS-422A serial port for external control. The sonic capabilities are superb thanks to a 24-bit Alpha processor, and a specialized HDCD decoding processor also produces a true 20-bit data stream. HDCD CD’s provide increased dynamic range and superior sound compared to conventional CDs. A Cross-Fade feature also comes standard with the DCM-5000 for smooth segues between tracks on different discs as well as a composite video output for the display of on-screen information on a video monitor.

Denon Electronics, 222 New Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054;

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