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Korg N5EX

Keyboard Synthesizer



Korg’s 61-note N5EX keyboard synthesizer ($1,099) features the AI2 as well as 18Mb of PCM ROM. The unit features over 1,700 sounds, 64-voice polyphony and 32-part multi-timbrality. Over 1,200 sounds come standard, 402 combination patches and 39 drumkits. There are also 563 multi-samples and 304 drum samples that are direct descendants of the high quality samples featured on the legendary Korg Trinity and SGproX keyboards. Two independent processors offer a variety of effects including resonance filter, chorus, delay and rotary speaker. The front panel sports a host of controller options optimized for both live and studio performance. The N5EX also includes an arpeggiator with 20 different patterns, which can be synchronized with an external sequencer.

Korg USA, 316 S. Service Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3201;

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