• The Florida Hero

    Bob Pomeroy reviews Tim Dorsey’s novel, Triggerfish Twist, fitting the books insane anti-hero, Serge, into the larger pantheon of Florida-fiction insane anti-heroes, AND even discusses Michael Moore. Whew!

  • Michael Moore for President

    Fresh from the Democracy Rising event, Bob Pomeroy is convinced that Michael Moore would make a great presidential candidate. Here’s why.

  • Eight String Wonder

    Bob Pomeroy catches a Charlie Hunter Quartet gig with 350-plus intent fans and wonders about all this business nonsense on how jazz has no audience.

  • Access 2 Amsterdam: Day 4

    Bob Pomeroy rolls out the final phase of his massive Access 2 Amsterdam conference blowout! Closure! Schmoozing! Tunes!

  • Access 2 Amsterdam: Day 3

    Bob Pomeroy’s you-better-believe-exclusive coverage of the Access 2 Amsterdam Festival shifts into its third leg, time for a gut-check and a cocktail party!

  • Access 2 Amsterdam: Day 2

    Bob Pomeroy takes in even MORE disparate art, music, and culture as part of the Access 2 Amsterdam Festival. Dig the photos!

  • Access 2 Amsterdam, Day 1

    Bob Pomeroy returns from Amsterdam with tales of exotic music and visual evidence to boot! It’s the first part of an ongoing series on the Access 2 Amsterdam Festival brought to you by Target or Flag.

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