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Beyond Planet Earth


Disney World music, seriously. I realize they were in the bus wreck and all, but what is this shit? I know everyone has lost respect for this band over this CD. It’s pure drivel, hiding behind Krishna’s message. If Krishna is the reason why, after all these years, they’ve decided to slow it down, that sucks! Look at 108, they were THE best hardcore band related to Krishna EVER. Now Vic, their guitar player, teaches Krishna and has forgotten about what having fun and reaching kids with Krishna was all about in the hardcore scene. Same thing here. It’s MTV, movie-soundtrack music.

Although I felt the same way over Shelter’s first release on Revelation back in the early ’90s, I don’t think this CD will become a big hit with me or anyone else over time. Shelter has achieved the ultimate sell-out – the kids and fans are exempt from the musical-writing equation, that sucks. Enough said. Listen to their last album, Mantra, and imagine the last couple songs on that album stretched out over an entire recor. All I can say is thank God for Better than a 1000, the new Ray Cappo project that will probably take over Shelter. Look out for them, it’s like Youth of Today (all over again). Oh yeah, the YOT sample on “Helpless” is fucking gay, if you want to do YOT – DO IT! Don’t release keyboard-enhanced rehashes.

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