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Volume 4, American Underground `96

Volume 5, American Underground Early ’90s


Hopefully, everyone is familiar with this series by now. Volume 1 began things as a CD compiling one song each from some of the best, most overlooked underground 7” singles of 1993. Volume 4 covers 1996 with standout tracks from Honeyrider, The Detroit Cobras, The Beltones, The Krabs, Planet Seven, The Decibels, Durfs, Discount, Moped, Stool Pigeons, The Grumpies, All About Chad, Me First, Subincision, The Andersons, and (Young) Pioneers. Volume 5 backtracks to before the series started with more outstanding tracks from the likes of The Oxymorons!, Our American Cousins, The Fiendz, Adjustable Boy, Vibralux, Sweet Things, Sugarburn, Heel, Strawman, Those Unknown, Kill Sybil, Skeleton Ed, Revelers, Moto, Headwound, and Fuckboyz. Stylistically the bands keep to the punk and indie rock/indie pop veins.

Okay, not all the tracks caught me (most of Volume 5 had me pressing “skip,” Fuckboyz’s “Rock `N’ Roll Problem” being the only redeeming factor). That’s okay – the ones that did catch me more than made up for the ones that didn’t. The best thing about this series is that it introduces you to really great lesser-known bands that might otherwise get passed over in the glut of vinyl singles in store record bins. There is so much underground music it’s hard to sort through it all and separate the good from bad. This helps a little. Shredder, 75 Plum Tree Lane, #3, San Rafael, CA 94901

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