Nothing Inside

Nothing Inside


Does your mouth taste like ashes? Is your soul desolate and empty? Hell, do you know if you even have a soul? If these questions strike a chord, then here is a perfect soundtrack to your darker moods. Host is an imaginative CD project that is replete with austere, percussive soundscapes.

Originally conceived as an EP in homage to the memory of William S. Burroughs, Host expanded to include songs from solo and side projects. These include: “Stiff Kittens,” “Hate Turned Backwards,” “Mice in Tights,” “Karakul,” “New Dawn Fades” and “Tears of God” — perhaps these names give you an idea of where these guys are coming from? Spare melodies, percussion, and dark, vengeful lyrics. Yeah, and sampling. Beyond that, the album is wide open. Some might find the album — particularly the lyrics — over the top; however, it’s pleasing to hear Nothing Inside ranging through and experimenting with what they enjoy. The concept of Host has allowed the members to “follow their bliss” both collectively and individually, and I think that makes all the difference. Light a few candles and enjoy. To find out more:, or Box 8521, Atlanta, GA 31106.

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