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This is out of control.

It’s so out of control that I could bother people with this music. Hate-filled grindcore, like Damaged, has a way of demanding people listen. Especially if you lock the room… I imagine filling a room with all the stiff people I know and forcing them to hear what Damaged is doing. They’re at once like Slayer, Carcass, and a dog kennel. This is the most abusive, grinding record I’ve heard in a while! I’m listening to “Change” right now and I’m getting visions of all the people who do me wrong, being torn limb-from-limb by packs of wild robot dogs.

Damaged songs like “Eternal Dismemberment Complex,” “Cold Blood Eraser,” and “Glass Spines and Hearts Like Junkies” simply add to the bloodshed experienced from the very fist track. Damaged is one of these totally Nihilistic bands that really would enjoy watching entire cities burn. A cleansing fire, to remove the filth. This is like listening to your neighbor’s rats feeding the kids into a meat grinder. It figures, of course, that the totalitarian state of Australia bred this. See what happens when you outlaw private ownership of guns? You breed more and more hatred!

Remember: “Fuck Restraint/Free the Hate!” Rotten Records, P.O. Box 2157, Montclair, CA 91763

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