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Tank Top City


Finally, the greatest indie band gets picked up by a major. For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful Charlotte, NC band, you need to head out to you local record shop and pick this up. Hope Nicholls is one of the original Riot Grrrls, starting by fronting the now-defunct Fetchin’ Bones. Her voice has been showcased with Pigface, and as background vocals with the infamous Marilyn Manson’s most recent release Antichrist Superstar. Previous Sugarsmack releases have spanned three labels, and only Spanish Riffs came close to showcasing the power behind this four-piece live. Tank Top City crosses into a more pop style, similar to the Dead Milkmen meet No Doubt, while maintaining authenticity. My only guilty confession with Sugarsmack is my prolific lust for Hope. There is something so sexy about her fronting this talented powerhouse of males. Spend a few dollars and check this band out.

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