with Crystal Method and BT

Firestone, Orlando • 2.15.98

Wow. Promoter Bevin O’Neill and Jon Marsa threw one of the best parties I’ve attended in the club’s illustrious history. Resident D-Xtreme warmed the crowd up for LA DJ extraordinaire Taylor to walk the tight rope, leaving the crowd to wonder “where the hell do his mixes end?” Impeccable song selection and lengthy mixes teased the swelling masses while BT threw down his live performance. This guy’s a genius and it shows in his tracks. While much of what he did play was from ESCM, he treated us to such epic classics “Loving You More” and my all time fave “Quark.” If the night had ended there I would have been thoroughly satisfied.

Meanwhile Scott and Ken form the Crystal Method were finishing up their preliminary libations, while Keoki and friends got wild in the back room. Once CM hit the stage, the roof blew off. They closed the night with their prophetic “Keep Hope Alive,” a song that at this point in time sums up the state of our scene. It had been a long time since I’d experienced a vibe like this, and can only hope that it will be less infrequent over the course of the next year. Firestone urges you to register to vote. Peace, love and hairgrease.

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