Pinko Pinko

Pinko Pinko



While the United States, in its glib sense of global superiority, thumbed its collective nose at pop music, the rest of the world has been embracing and perfecting it. Europe especially has witnessed an incredible wave of new pop bands.

The Swedish band Pinko Pinko has ridden to the top of this latest wave of pop to wash over the North American continent. The four-member band, including a pair of siblings, comes to us from the darker side of pop music. Not that their songs are necessarily depressing, but their sound has that certain quirky, anti-tra-la-la feel.

Especially appealing is the track “Lately My Mind’s Been Going Lots of Places Without Me.” Guys, I know the feeling. It constantly amazes me that the lyrics from European bands are more easily discernable than stuff from around here. Why is that? North of No South Records USA, PO Box 14128, Minneapolis MN 55414

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