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The Seymores

The Seymores (EP)


The Seymores, who produced one of the finer pop gems of 1995 with their debut Piedmont, are back with an EP on Pitch-a-tent Records, the label run in part by Cracker’s David Lowery.

Although the EP is in some ways a preview of the band’s upcoming late spring album on Caroline Records, it doesn’t sound like the “three good songs from the upcoming album and five crappy b-sides” disc that it could be.

The striking thing about the Seymores is that they skirt the fine line between pop that is too cloying and rock stylings that are too abrasive. Most of their songs have the hook, have the grab, but aren’t afraid to kick into overdrive or slow down the tempo – both in equally effective ways. Their songs have worked, but more importantly, their albums (counting this one) have worked just as well if not better.

The Seymores gives a glimpse into every side of the band – rather surprising considering its length is under 30 minutes. There’s the immediate adrenaline rush in the leadoff track “Sicker Than You,” the rich beauty in “What You Got,” the humor in “$2.75” (the price of “scattered, smothered, covered” hash browns at Waffle House), and the bitterness in “Puppet” (“what did you think when you saw my face/ did you go home and masturbate?”). Oh, yeah, there’s also a Joy Division cover and a few lead vocal tracks for guitarist/harmonizer Joe Nio.

It’s amazing how many times this record can be listened to without growing old. Of course, that was also the case for Piedmont. It’s good to see that the band hasn’t lost a step since. Pitch-a-Tent, P.O. Box 655, Athens, GA 30603

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