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Clean, bright, evolving, young, early, eccentric, infectious, fun, kinky, and I bet it stays crunchy even in milk.

Thump-bop pop like if Devo were a garage band, or if Sugarplastic meets a very young XTC (we’re practically talking Helium Kidz here). Or more universally, Weezer meets Violent Femmes. And I’m not sure but one of the tunes here may be a version of Spinal Tap’s “Jazz Odyssey.”

Engaging and all over the map (especially for a guitar/bass/drum/keys trio) without ever landing in an identifiable musical genre, twisting and turning with a Bond-like ease through each transmutation. Definitely a thinking man’s simple rock-pop.

At some points it’s almost as if a sound effects artist started a band, which actually sounds better than it sounds. But whenever it gets really weird they suck you right back in with some other catchy coherence.

I had no idea who Fondly was when I picked this up but with 16 songs (times ranging from :36 to about three minutes, one at 4:10) and titles like “Cells,” “Bacchus II,” and “No Danca” I just couldn’t resist. Now that I’ve heard it I can’t resist over and over again.

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