The Ænemas

The Ænemas

Too Hot for You?


UK psychedelic rockers the Ænemas are back with their second release of amazing electronics and guitar fuzz. Too Hot for You? contains fourteen new songs, including the techno crossover hit “Mystery of Uranus,” which has topped the charts in Sweden. Which is not surprising, since the band says it likes Sweden a lot, and cites the Leather Nun and Boney M as its biggest influences. There’s even included a mystery track, which is a cover of Abba’s “Fernando.” Other great songs that punk rockers need to hear are “No Lube,” “Orificer of the Law,” and “Vapor Drop.” The music has tremendous appeal to both young and old fans of punk rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, acid rock, grunge rock, rock and roll, blues rock, soft rock, mellow rock, and rock. Basically, this band rocks!

Fans of fuzz guitar and melodic punk rock will not be disappointed one bit, and this is especially amazing since the Ænemas are actually a twelve-piece chamber music group. This is the album of the year, in my book. Fleet Records, 25 Evacuation St., Erie, PA 42356

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