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Music Industries Corporation

Don’t let the name fool you. Rock N’ Rollers aren’t just for rock and rollers. In fact, in some of the non-music related stores its seen in, such as Home Depot, it’s called “Multi-cart,” due to its ever-growing usage. Named as “the most innovative cart or dolly… in 30 years” from one of it’s competitors, Rock N’ Rollers began as the invention of a Texas musician (Gary-Michael Dahl) who was frustrated with the many inadequate carts on the market he had been using to move his gear back and forth from gigs. Since it’s inception in the early `90s, Rock N’ Rollers (which were featured at this year’s NAMM Convention) have gone from the concert hall to the sports stadium. Sold nationwide by some of the largest music equipment retail chains, including Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and Musician’s Friend, the Rock N’ Roller’s clients now include everyone from CNN, to the Army, to the NFL, to Compaq computers.

The Rock and N’ Roller is featured in 4 sizes: “Max,” “Mid,” “Super-mini,” and “Micro.” Weighing in at 33, 31, 25, and 18 pounds respectively, each cart has the capacity to hold nearly 20 times its own weight. What makes the Rock N’ Roller particularly special is its ability to fold and lock (with screws, not pins) into eight different adjustable configurations instantly, allowing it to accommodate objects of different sizes and shapes: everything from laundry, to luggage, to a loveseat.

It also folds down for storage spaces as small as an overhead compartment of an airplane. With the purchase of specially crafted shelving, Rock N’ Roller also becomes a computer center, among its many other uses. In fact, the uses for Rock N’ Roller are unlimited; thus, it could replace numerous other carts due to its functionality and versatility. Music Industries Corporation, 99 Tulip Ave., Floral Park, New York 11001; Tel: (516)352-4110, Fax: (516)352-0754.

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