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Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire



The gritty root, heart, and soul of that “indie-‘20s sounding jazz combo, blue grass, juke joint, semi-swing machine” sound is masterfully captured on this album. This sound was largely popularized by the Squirrel Nut Zippers (some members sit in with Andrew on this project), but Mr. Bird’s Bowl of Fire takes it to another level of authenticity and suavicity. Thrills has everything that the Zippers’ albums lack (including their most recent release): the true heart, guts, opossum breath, blood, sweat, semen, and tears that is really needed to produce a quality “period” jazz album. The lyrics are pure poetry (almost Tom Waits-sounding at times). The musicianship is simplificly tricky, with rockin’ violins, guitars, and percussion… soft, hard, fast, slow. Music for dancing. Music for listening. Music for thinking. Music to be enjoyed! Album of the year? A must hear.

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