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Full-on evil extreme death metal. How can they fit thirty-five tracks on here without making each song sound like a half-minute blitz? OH, that’s why, some of the songs are eight to twelve minute dirges (“Stood Up and Sold Out”) while others are twenty-seconds run and guns (“Beyond Fucked” and “Reoccurrence”). The mix is good as it shows off their talent for making incredibly groovy heavy metal along the lines of a slightly upbeat Grief. They also make good use of abusive feedback to affect a sort of Napalm Death meets G.O.D. sound. “Overwhelmed, Overcome” and “Nothing From Nothing” are serious moshing tunes, while “A.D.S.” is a slow, painful death. There’s a live track as well. Live, I get the impression that they’d be able to share a metal bill with Slayer. Benümb is that fast and that evil.

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