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I grew up listening to all that indie and underground rock stuff, and yes, the Lemonheads were a part of that wide and rather eclectic selection of music I enjoyed. I find it interesting though that The Best of… contains a large portion of material coming from It’s a Shame About Ray. Now granted, that is the Lemonheads that many remember, and my tape did take a dive in the hot Floridian sun, but should this dismiss all the other great songs put out by this phenomenal pop band? I justify it as the “songs that broke the Lemonheads” album. I enjoy it none the less. If you never listened to them, go ahead and pick this up. It’s a nice primer course in the total “pop-ness” of Evan and crew. For the rest of us, well, it’s time to rebuy all those dying tapes on CD, if we can get our hands on them. Usually “Best of’s” mean most of the back catalog is going to be a little harder to get.

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