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Following in the footsteps of the DN-M200R introduced last year, Denon has just introduced the DN-M233R ($2,200) dual MiniDisc player and recorder designed for the DJ. The DN-M233R is perfect for custom-editing songs and creating dance compilations and is a true DJ MiniDisc machine featuring two independent MD drive units. Aside from full-feature editing and dubbing capabilities, the Denon machine permits multiple levels of “Undo” and Redo” for correcting mistakes or A/B-ing different mix ideas. When dubbing MDs, the DN-M233R can internally dub the disc name, track names and cue points as well, eliminating the need to re-name tracks. A Hot Start feature allows songs or sound effects to be loaded into memory locations for instant playback at the touch of one of the machines ten front-panel Hot Start buttons (five for each drive). Sound can be loaded into Hot Start from any track location, and loaded tracks may continually be replaced with new tracks. Unlike sampling, Hot Start has no memory limitations. Among many of the other features standard on the DN-M233R include a ten-second “shock-proof” digital memory, program playback memory of up to 25 tracks for each of the three memory locations, pitch adjustment over a 16 percent range and dual jog/shuttle wheels similar to those found on Denon CD players. Denon Professional, 222 New Road, ,Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

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