Most Precious Blood


The disapproval, anger, and social criticisms exhibited by Indecision are the key element and ultimately a rallying point for this Brooklyn-based outfit. Youthful and rebellious movements tend to fade fast, but at Exit and Wreckage it’s become their most valuable export.

Perhaps nowhere else has the prevalence of such inner city indignities played such a major role in the development of NYC’s ever-evolving stable of subterranean artists as with Indecison. Most Precious Blood boasts integrity and intellect (albeit rather harshly and unapologetically) seldom heard in bands of hardcore’s latter generation. As a longtime fan one can only be pleased to see such an illustration take shape from an area so near and dear to a region that offered little more than the overfed and underinspired schlock of the day. Fans of non-sold-out-school NYC, i.e. Lifesblood, Rorschach, Born Against, and their ilk, will have no problem formulating their own decision. To the fans of this secular movement: use it, lose it or just plain move on. Predictably worthy. Exit Records, P.O. Box 263, New York, NY 10012

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