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Two Man Advantage


Royalty/Winged Disk

This is a great little album of Long Island-centric puck rock. That is, “puck” as in “hockey” and “rock” as in Punk!

Since Long Island, New York is, in fact, totally isolated from literate civilization, a fanatic love of hockey abounds. Thusly a band like Two Man Advantage, after, no doubt, hearing the hockey-freak punk rockers from Canada (e.g., the Hanson Brothers, et al.) simply had to offer the Long Island equivalent.

And their version of puck rock is just as stoopid, just as bloody, just as… Let me just say that the band members have all taken the names of various beers as their own and play in full hockey uniform. They wear masks, mouth guards, and I believe they only perform at ice rinks. They eat, drink and sleep hockey, as described in “I Had a Dream About Hockey,” the band’s life story. “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow” only reinforces their lifecreed. My advice: skate on, this is a fine punk, sorry, “puck” rock album and fans of regulated violence everywhere will only want more. I went to a hockey game and a punk rock show broke out…

Write ‘em at 2MA Puck Rock Fan Club, 26 Railroad Avenue, Ste 110, Babylon, NY 11702, or e-mail them at Royalty Records, 176 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016

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