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Nocturnal Breed



Extremely aggressive Norwegian death metal.

That deserved its own sentence. Ahhh, the delectable sounds of Nocturnal Breed, whose poignant ditties like “Rape the Angels,” “Locomotive Death” and “Alcoholic Rites” (with its classic line “To the gates of hell we storm/ To sodomy and lust we go…”) one can only wonder why they weren’t chosen to compose them music to the latest Melrose Place spinoff. The songwriting of Nocturnal Breed, mostly the work of someone named “Destroyer” is brilliant – consider “Metal Storm Rebels”: “Chaotic War, aggressive noise coming up/No peace and quiet, be prepared to fight/cuz…The metal storm rebels got you in their sights…” Not only that, but they cover Death’s “Evil Dead”!

Man, mix the aggression of Sepultura, the comedy of Motorhead, and the apocalyptic imagery popular with Death Metal bands everywhere and you have a beast of an album!

Pavement Music, P.O. Box 50550, Phoenix, AZ 85076;

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