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I probably won’t be the first to say that this trio is as difficult to classify as it is to pronounce. However, it’s about the only fair way I can explain what makes Schrasj and their music so different – here we have seven letters, not a very high-scoring Scrabble board even, yet their seemingly random assembly yields something alternately pronounceable and alien. The foundation is math-like, but sonic diversity rules here, and we’re treated to musical versions of a table saw cutting tin or a burbling water pipe. The origins of some sounds is obscured, but you don’t really care as the end results are intriguing by themselves.

The band is equally instrumental and vocal, and I get the feeling that to them vox is just another instrument to use, appropriate in places but not others. When they do sing, the meaning is subtly applied. Fans of Blonde Redhead, Beekeeper and other introspectively complicated endeavors should drop what they’re doing and head down to the store or write the label – every second on this is worth every penny.

Ojet, 2055 Westheimer #165, Houston, TX 77098;

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