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Acoustic Radiator


Guitar Amplifier


Ashdown Designs has just released its uniquely styled and hand-made acoustic guitar amp called the Radiator. The Radiator comes in two models: the Model 1 featuring 60 watts and the Model 2 offering 120 watts. Central to the design of both Radiators is a new, bridged output section, which delivers exceptional headroom and a perfect response across the entire frequency range. The larger Radiator 2 features an advanced preamplifier design with inputs for active and piezo pick-ups and balanced and unbalanced low impedence inputs, allowing for a wide combination of pick-ups and microphone configurations. For the first time in an acoustic instrument amplifier, a dual triode vacuum tube under variable control is used to introduce a wonderful sweetness and presence to the sound, while sophisticated tone shaping is provided by a 7-band equalizer section. The Radiator also comes standard with an Alesis digital reverb with 16 reverb and delay settings. Both models are available in three polished wood finishes. Pricing is still to be determined.

Ashdown Designs, Howe Farm, Southend Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 7TE, England;

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