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Bong Load

I’m hardly what you’d call a country aficionado — which is a roundabout way of saying I can’t give a clear, concise reason why I like some country-sounding albums and not others. Still, I wouldn’t expect a band named Dieselhed, on Beck-spawning Bong Load Custom Records no less, to provide my tired rock ears with nine tracks of amber-colored sudsy relief. That’s right, like an ice-cold glass of plain old Bud on a hot, dusty, help-move-your-college-buddy-cross-town day. “I’m sorry for drawing mustaches on your porn mags/ I know you’ve been collecting them for years” (from “Cold Duck”). Fans of Uncle Tupelo and Songs:Ohia will both find a comforting point of reference here.


Bong Load Custom Records, P.O. Box 39557, Hollywood, CA 90039

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