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Whisper Supremacy

Century Media

The definitive soundtrack to life. If you ever decide to go out and kill your boss, dog, neighbor, and everyone in-between, this will likely be the disc playing in the background. These Canadian legends blast forth eight spurts of inhuman speed and immoral hate. The drumming, handled by drum-god Flo Mouniner, sounds too fast to be human, too complex to be a drum machine and just plain awesome! Add to it the intricately and complex guitar work of Jon Levasseur and Roy Miguel match the intensity and hate of new singer Mike DiSalve (ex-Infestation) like a glove. DiSalvo’s vocal style is not nearly as original or disgustingly sick as Lord Worms, but fits the new music better. And not to be left out is Eric Langlois, bassist extraordinaire, who somehow gets to keep his own bass lines original, though in the background much too often.

There must be something in the Canadian air that’s turning all their musicians into maddening insane musical geniuses. Along with Gorguts, Blood of Christ, Kataklysm and others, the next Death Metal haven is sure to be Quebec! Die and leave your comfy, happy little world behind you to rot!

Century Media, 1453-A 14th St., Suite 324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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