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The High-Fives

Get Down


The “real” rock and roll movement that started in the garages across America back sometime ago when fuzz guitar was invented is one of the biggest ignored stories of the 1990’s music scene. The High-Fives represent one of the best of a huge group of psychedelic garage rock bands that’s been pounding out great records no matter what’s been the current trend. I suppose some “rock historian” will look back and “discover” that while the “swing revival” had a wide appeal because it was music a teenager could play around mom, dad, and Grandma (what’s wrong with this picture?), the garage rockers were packing-in the clubs with people who recognized punk’s precursor when they heard it. And let me just say, I’m not the oldest person in the crowd by a longshot when a band like the High-Fives rolls into town. Ian and I caught them back in November and were, like, floored.

Anyway, the High-Fives rock on with fourteen excellent tunes about chicks, things that are a drag and taking psychedelic trips with more chicks. Now, if you had parents who were really “cool” thirty years ago, they’ll have to be into this album. The best of the best are “I’d Be So Satisfied,” “When You Destroy Our Love” (which I think is a cover; I’d ask my dad, but he was 33 in ‘69 and wouldn’t know the Electric Prunes from Elvis), and “Don’t You Know? (Now That’s A Girl!).”

Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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