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Revisited Classics

Six Degrees

This collection of Brazilian classics, remixed in a modern style, only helps cement my conviction that we’ve yet to even tap the surface of music from that country. The blend between the loose jazzy feel of Bossa Nova and rhythm-centric DJ techniques are like chocolate and peanut butter – the music’s jaunty feel completely obliterates any sort of mechanical feeling on here.

Just as the original recordings vary greatly in sound and nature, so do the treatments. Some are given a languorous down tempo feel, while others achieve near-rock proportions. As a bonus, two of the tracks are also presented in unremixed nature, and the final track is a set of loop-ready rhythm samples from the disc. This is something that is guaranteed to appeal to a wide variety of people, from fans of Brazilian music to wide-eared producers and DJs.

Six Degrees Records, P.O. Box 411347, San Francisco, CA 94141

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