Boilermaker suffer the curse that befalls so many bands — so talented yet so overlooked. Not that no one knew who they were, but it doesn’t seem like enough people knew. One of those kinda noisy, DC-ish emo bands, a description too commonplace and unexciting nowadays. The music is great, rolling with hints of Traluma, Kerosene 454, Jawbox — just hints, mind you, as anyone listening for those bands in the music would most likely scratch their heads a little. Boilermaker have a good sound that fits among those post-hardcore workingman bands. A good mix of yearning and strength. Intelligent, catchy melodies with special attention points given to how the vocals complement the guitar and bass. Eleven songs that I have been told are their last. At least they went out strong. If you heard them on a comp and were intrigued as I was, pick this up sooner rather than later. A very solid release.

Wrenched Records, 1071 6th Ave. #202, San Diego, CA 92101

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