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Rye Coalition

The Lipstick Game

Gern Blandsten

Rye Coalition are all about the ROCK. Not the kind of rock that you hear on the radio or see on eMpTyV, but the kind they grew up on. Don’t get me wrong, The Lipstick Game has other types of music mixed in, but it never strays from the basic spirit of rock: sex, drugs, and more sex, and some alcohol. The bass is bottom-heavy, while the guitar sounds like John Frusciante playing straight-ahead rock. The singer sounds like Guy Picciotto if he were a southern Baptist preacher testifying to the congregation. So, if you get the urge to listen to some rock, go buy this, the real thing, not the Goo Goo Dolls or Stone Temple Pilots.

Gern Blandsten, PO Box 356, Riveredge, NJ 07661

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