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Highbrow Doom from well-bearded longhair California Viking-types. Solinari is tremendously heavy, darkly melodic and loaded with gloom and doom metal. A brilliant concept piece from a band that’s recently experienced the death of their 25-year old keyboardist, Brandon Livingston.

The main focus of Solinari is on a trance-like journey through vast area where you might catch a glimpse of a possible future. “The Serpentine Scrolls/Descent to Arawn” begins the album introducing the listener to a storyteller/scop about to spin an unearthly yarn… Or is it a neo-John the Baptist preparing the way? Difficult to tell. “Canticle” clears things up a bit revealing that some mighty, just moon-god/king is about to come. (Heady stuff, no?).

It just gets deeper. There’s a song about visions, one about elementals, one about pollution, and a couple of doomy instrumentals. As the final song ends, I’m not quite sure what to think; is my CD player still on? Can I hear one final note in the vast fog this album’s left my mind being? Whoa.

For doom fans and those who like heavy, slow goth, Solinari is just the ticket for a night’s depressing journey.

Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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