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Dr. Frank

Show Business Is My Life


Dr. Frank is the pivot for the eternally fluctuating Mr. T Experience. This “solo” album sounds a lot like MTX, as is expected, perhaps with their frantic energy taken down a notch. Show Business Is My Life confirms a suspicion I’ve had about Dr. Frank for a long time – these aren’t pop songs played at punk levels, or punk songs with heavy pop overtones. These are country songs without the nasal twang or lap steel. Easy chord structures, memorable melodies and lyrical twists like this aren’t difficult to attempt, just near-impossible to pull off without looking like an untalented retard. “Bitter Homes & Gardens” and “I’m In Love With What’s Her Name” live up to their tongue-in-cheek titles, and other tracks provide plenty of smile moments, like the knock-knock jokes that introduce the verses on “Knock Knock (Please Let Me In)” or the acoustically frantic “She’s All Right” (“she can pick a pony, she can shake and bake a chicken leg/ she’s like smoking and sitting on a powder keg…”). Fun stuff!

Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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