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The Trouble with Girls

Curve of the Earth/Wonderdrug

All I can hope for is that this band isn’t taking itself as seriously as they seem to portray they are. With an album cover flaunting a glazed-over abstract-color photo of two band members, and then the inside booklet presenting one of those “I’m a rock star… love me” group shots, this is almost too much to take. Their music is rather indicative of their appearance, bordering somewhere between pseudo-glam rock and Sonic Youth-esque (although certainly no Sonic Youth) noise. The record sounds muddy, without a single hook or catchy line to keep your attention.

Sound-wise, these songs are discordant, and the overly emphasized vocals are more than enough to turn one off. Not only are the lyrics pushing the boundaries of blatantly awful, but there are only so many times you can hear an effect-processed quasi-emotional male voice chant “Do it! When you wanna do it, do it!” Honeyglazed includes the musicianship needed to be a regular old rock band, but cursed with their desire to be something different, has created a sound that’s not only displeasing to the ear– but it’s just plain stupid, too.

Curve of the Earth, 1312 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02215

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