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Thirty-Seven Secrets I Only Told America

Hidden Agenda/Parasol

I feel so lucky to have heard this! Sweet, richly textured indie pop songs with diverse instrumentation (flute, ukelele, vibraphone, organs, sax, and on and on – but not all at once!) and grand melodies & harmonies all the way through. Absolutely divine. There are songs on here I simply have to get up and dance and sing along to (“Erik & Angie” for sure, always), no two ways about it. Others just have me smiling and basking in the pop brilliance. Catchy as catchy can be without being obnoxious and as fun as sunshiney picnic days with a sockhop planned for the night. Yeah, that good.

Parasol Records, 905 S. Lynn St., Urbana, IL 61801;

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