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Audio Information Phenomena

Complicated music entertains me to a point. There’s an undefinable but nonetheless quite real point past which the complex gearing and interaction between competing riffs and time signatures decays into just so much self-absorbed silent counting. Olo know this also, and cheerfully avoid any pitfalls inherent in this modern progressive format, without losing track of that subtle interplay between the band knowing exactly what they’re going to do next and the listener not knowing what to expect… folks, we’re post-math rock here, we’re algebra, possibly even a bit of calculus. Spicing up the recognizable bits with cliches like a soulful organ (“Oh, Yeah”) or a McCartney-esque bass whoop (“011”), six tracks in half an hour float by like hallucinations. Superfind!

Audio Information Phenomena, 1625 Oakwood Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403;

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