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Rose Polenzani



Well, she’s done it again. Amy Ray has managed to unleash another terrific artist on her label, Daemon Records. This time it’s in the form of Rose Polenzani, a powerhouse songwriter and singer from Chicago. Although comparisons to Michelle Shocked and Ani DiFranco are quite fair, it is far too limiting to simply label Rose Polenzani a folk singer. She is an artist, who weaves lyrical tapestries vivid with emotion and populated by spirits of long dead memories that come to life in the darkest of times. Polenzani’s vocal delivery is as haunting and powerful as her lyrics. She sings as if singing to keep the demons at bay. Anybody is a beautiful, disturbing, harrowing, luscious, record. At times it can be quite challenging. Rose Polenzani reveals things you’d just as soon not see, but are powerless to turn away.

Daemon Records, P.O. Box 1207, Decatur, GA 30031;

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