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Bolt Thrower holds a special place in heart for two reasons. One, they were a Brainhammer! staple, I can’t remember a show where we didn’t play at least one song from Cenotaph (we actually had a copy!) or Realm of Chaos . Secondly, their singer said I looked like a “big Charles Manson” between songs at a Club Spacefish (RIP) show a million years ago. (They had a cute bass player, too. How many death metal bands sport chick bassists?)

I especially like Bolt Thrower because their songs are about war! Real war! Like hand-to hand or carving yourself out of an impossible ambush and taking ears afterwards! Who Dares Wins – it’s a British war thing – isn’t so much of a greatest hits collection as it is a memorial to a truly unique and focused band that cut itself a path through battle during the Black Metal Golden Ages of 1989-1992. While my absolute favorite Bolt Thrower song “In Battle There is No Law” (what a great title!) they do include “Cenotaph,” “Dying Creed,” and “World Eater.” True Death Metal Warriors will appreciate the pounding abuse of “Realm of Chaos,” “Destructive Infinity” and the extended remix of “Spearhead.” No prisoners!

Earache America, 295 Lafayette St, Suite 915, New York, NY 10012-2700;

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